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Accelerating the green shift

Vow Green Metals will accelerate the green shift by producing biocarbon for the metallurgic industry, CO2-neutral gas for heating and biofuel for the petrochemical industry.

Expansion of the Biocarbon Business

Vow Green Metals will offer industrial production of biocarbon to the metallurgical industry through a “build-own-operate” model, and focus on commercialisation, development, and further expansion of the Biocarbon Business.

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Combat climate change

Vow Green Metals strategy is to create shareholder value by producing climat neutral and renewable energy to help the metallurgical industry reach their net-zero emission goal, and become a market leader in the production of biocarbon.

Company Address

Lilleakerveien 2B 0283 Oslo Norway

Org. nr. 926 589 989

Business Inquiries

Cecilie Jonassen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
+47 954 201 26

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