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Long-term supply agreement for biocarbon signed with Elkem

January 4th, 2024

Vow Green Metals, a leading producer of biocarbon and other carbon-neutral products, today signed a supply agreement for the annual delivery of 15,000 tons of biocarbon to Elkem, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced silicon-based materials.

The agreement comes into force when the first large-scale biocarbon volumes are delivered and the ongoing qualification process to ensure an optimized and competitive product is successfully completed. The supply agreement has a duration of five years with an option for a further five-year extension of the contract.

The volumes will be delivered from Vow Green Metals’ large-scale 20,000 tons production plant under development at Hønefoss, set to become one of Europe’s largest, with an abatement potential of 100,000 tons of fossil CO2 p.a. In line with Vow Green Metals’ commercial strategy, the company retains the remaining available volumes, exceeding 5,000 tons, to further mature and develop collaborations with other industrial offtakers to meet the increasing demand for biocarbon.

“Today we celebrate a major milestone in our efforts to build a new green industry as we are demonstrating that biocarbon is a commercially mature product. This supply agreement with Elkem paves the way for biocarbon production for the metallurgical industry to play an important role in the green transition, said Chief Executive Officer of Vow Green Metals, Cecilie Jonassen.

“Elkem aims to be part of the solution to combat climate change – and to be one of the winners in the green transition. Our mission is to provide advanced silicon-based materials shaping a better and more sustainable future, and we have a climate roadmap which aims to reduce emissions towards net zero while growing our business. Replacing fossil carbon sources with biocarbon in our smelting operations is a key potential for reducing our fossil CO2 emissions, and this supply agreement with Vow Green Metals is part of our efforts to develop competitive sourcing of biocarbon. Our aim is to increase our share of biocarbon to 50 percent by 2030 globally,” said Elkem’s Senior Vice President for Silicon Products, Inge Grubben-Strømnes.

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