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Expansion of the Biocarbon business

Vow Green Metals will offer industrial production of biocarbon to the metallurgical industry through a “build-own-operate” model, and focus on commercialisation, development, and further expansion of the Biocarbon Business.

Vow Green Metals Follum plant

This first factory owned by Vow Green Metals is planned at Follum in the municipality of Ringerike, some 60 km north-west of Oslo, Norway. The area is centrally located by Hønefoss with access to rich biomass resources, such as recycled wood and biomass from sawmills and forests nearby. The first construction phase at Follum will be able to produce 10,000 tonnes of green and CO2-neutral biocarbon, but Vow Green Metals envisages a large-scale development at Follum, and eventually also elsewhere in Norway and in Europe.

7% of the national CO2 emissions

Metallurgical industry in Norway uses almost one million tonnes of fossil coal and coke a year, corresponding to around 7% of the national CO2 emissions. On a global basis the metallurgical industry accounts for almost 10% of the total emissions.

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Lilleakerveien 2B 0283 Oslo Norway

Org. nr. 926 589 989

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Cecilie Jonassen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
+47 954 201 26

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